Enough is enough. I have decided to stop using Google. I was already living very well without Facebook, Twitter and other GAFAM (I assure you it is possible) but for convenience I was still using Google for Blogger and Google Sites.

For some time now, one of the pages of my site (the one referencing all my hacking conferences, without any dangerous content) was blocked and made inaccessible by Google for months. Deliberate choice or poor quality Google’s AI? I cannot say. In the first case, it is more than concerning and in the second why still use the products of a technology giant who is not able to produce a quality AI.

By doing a quick search, it became clear that GAFAM (Facebook in particular) have moved up a gear and intend to practice an increasingly strong informational eugenics: github accounts closed by Microsoft, Google Play accounts of developers closed by Google, applications deleted from stores by Google or Apple, accounts deleted by Instagram, photos censored by Facebook (in the name of their “morality”)…, without any objective reason or law infringement. The number of cases is increasing day after day.

The purpose of this censorship is to develop social cooling and to shape a world according to the wishes and “morality” of these GAFAMs. Wich is of course seldom ours.

I am neither an extremist (left or right) nor an excited anti-state activist. We need strong states, which means respectful and protective of their citizens. We need to return to a new humanist age, in short a world at the opposite of the one imposed by the GAFAM.

So I am leaving Google. This site contains my web page and some posts from my former blog.

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