Technical Reports & Preprints


Some links may be broken with the time. If you are interested in some of the following content, please contact me since I have most of them in archive.

Year 2020

  • Eric Filiol. “Key-dependent Security of Stream Ciphers”. Available on, number 2001.00515. This work has been presented in two parts at the Kaz’Hack’Stan 2019 conference in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan and at BSides Lisbon 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Year 2019

  • Eric Filiol. “BSEA-1 - A Stream Ciphering Backdooring Techniquer”. Available on, number 1903.11063. This paper has been presented at the Ruscrypto 2019 conference.

Year 2018

  • Joanna Moubarak, Eric Filiol and Maroun Chamoun. “Developping a K-ary Malware Using Blockchain”. Available on, number 1804.01488. This paper has been presented as a poster at the Man2block conference.
  • Maxence Delong, Eric Filiol, Clément Coddet, Olivier Fatour and Clément Suhard. “OSINT Analysis of the TOR Foundation”. Available on, number 1803.05201. This paper has been presented at ICCWS 2018.

Year 2017

  • Arnaud Bannier & Eric Filiol. “Mathematical Backdoors in Symmetric Encryption Systems - A Proposal for a Backdoored AES-like Block Cipher”. Available on, number 1702.06475. This paper has been presented at the ForSE 2017 conference in Porto.

Year 2016

  • Paul Irolla & Eric Filiol. “Glassbox: Dynamic Analysis Platform for Malware Android Applications on Real devices”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1609.04718
  • Michel Dubois & Eric Filiol. “Hacking of the AES with Boolean Functions”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1609.03734.
  • Arnaud Bannier, Nicolas Bodin & Eric Filiol. “Automatic Search for a Maximum Probability Differential Characteristic in a Substitution-Permutation Network”. IACR Preprint 2016/652. This paper is the extended and revised version of the paper presented at HICSS-48.
  • Arnaud Bannier, Nicolas Bodin & Eric Filiol. “Partition-based Trapdoor Ciphers”. IACR Preprint 2016/493.

Year 2014

  • Arnaud Bannier, Johann Barbier, Eric Filiol & Pierre Castel. “A Corollary of the Hamada and Ohmori’s Theorem on Group Law over BIBD”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1401.1700.

Year 2011

  • Eric Filiol. “Voting Machine Attack”. Link

Year 2010

  • Eric Filiol. “Perseus technology: New Trends in Information and Communication Theory”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1101.0057. Presented at iAWACS 2010 in Paris.
  • Grégoire Jacob, Eric Filiol & Hervé Debar. “Formalization of Malware Through Process Calculi”. Arxiv preprint on, number 0902.0469. Presented at WAIS 2010 in Poland.
  • Anthony Desnos, Robert Erra & Eric Filiol. “Processor-Dependent Malware… and codes”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1011.1638.
  • Eric Filiol. “Malicious cryptography techniques for unreversable (malicious or not) binaries”. Arxiv preprint on, number 1009.4000. Presented at H2HC 2010.

Year 2009

  • Johann Barbier & Eric Filiol. “Overview of Turbo-codes Reconstruction Techniques”. IACR Preprint 2009/068.
  • Grégoire Jacob, Hervé Debar & Eric Filiol. “Malware Detection Using Attribute-automata to Parse Abstract Behavioural Description”. Arxiv preprint on, number 0902.0322. Presented at RAID 2009.

Year 2006

  • Johann Barbier, Eric Filiol & Ananda Mayoura. “New Features for Specific JPEG Steganalysis” IACR Preprint 2006/301
  • Eric Filiol. “Zero-knowledge-like Proof of Cryptanalysis of Bluetooth Encryption”. IACR Preprint 2006/303

Year 2005

  • Eric Filiol. “Strong Cryptography Armoured Computer Viruses Forbidding Code Analysis: the BRADLEY virus”. INRIA Research report 5250, June 2004. Presented at EICAR 2005.

Year 2003

  • Eric Filiol. “Plaintext-dependant Repetition Codes Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers - The AES Case”. IACR Preprint 2003/003.

Year 2002

  • Eric Filiol. “Applied Cryptanalysis of Cryptosystems and Computer Attacks Through Hidden Ciphertexts Computer Viruses”. INRIA Research report 4359, January 2002.

Year 2000