At this date (on March 18th, 2018), we would like to make an update about The TOR Project Inc. As we shown on our paper OSINT Analysis of the TOR Foundation, we worked on the funds and proved that the US government is deeply involved by bringing approximatively 85% of the funds in 2015.

But since this year, we do not have any data to study. Be searching information, we found that the Form 990 which is mandatory for every 501(c)(3) research-education nonprofit organization as The TOR Project Inc is, is not available. This form is required to be released the 15th of the 5th month after the fiscal year with a possible extension of 3 month according to several sources (for instance). Even with this extension, the form 990 of the fiscal year of 2016 of The TOR Project Inc. is supposed to be due on August 15th 2017. However, we are still not able to find it. It is neither present on the website of The TOR Project Inc. unlike all others form 990 and neither on diverse sources like GuideStar or ProPublica.

Furthermore, by doing some complementary OSINT work, we found that Andrew Lewman was part of the CyAN (Cybersecurity and cybercrime Advisors Network) organization. Just a few reminders: first, Andrew Lewmann was the former Executive Director of The TOR Project Inc. Secondly, we had some reasons to believe that the US government has strong links with The TOR Project Inc. via Roger Dingledine who made an internship in NSA and with some presentations in front of high authorities like the White House and the FBI.

On the CyAN website, we have found the profile of Andrew Lewman and a link to his Linkedin page. On both sources, he claims to have connections with the US government such as several intelligence agencies, NSA or the Department of Homeland Security. We do not know since when he has these connection but doubt is allowed.

To summarize, since the beginning of The TOR Project Inc. in 2006, both of the creator (Roger Dingledine) and the Executive Director (Andrew Lewman) had connections to the US government. Andrew Lewman quit the board in 2015, such as Roger Dingledine in 2016.