Teaching Activities


My teaching activities in different French and foreign universities and engineer academies:

  • C programming and algorithmics (includes OpenMP and MPI parallel programming)
  • Probability theory and Statistics course
  • Parallel and distributed computing. This includes a short introduction to bigdata computing (Hadoop & MapReduce)
  • Data mining and Big Data and application to security and Intelligence
  • Information theory course
  • Error-correcting codes course
  • Mathematical models of security (graph theory, Boolean functions, statistical testing, linear and non linear models…)
  • Theory and pratice of blockchains (including formal aspects of protocols)
  • Quantum computing and algorithms (including applications to cryptology)
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • Open source Intelligence techniques
  • Ethics and legal (French and international) regulations in security
  • Computer virology (malware and antimalware)

I also give conferences and training courses in companies (professional development) on the following subjects:

  • Espionage and Cybercrime in Companies - Risks, Issues and Solutions (7 hours)
  • Privacy Protection Techniques (7 hours)
  • Cyberattacks Mitigation Techniques
  • Information Operations