Since January 2020 and version 2.0 (Linux/Unix/Mac), the Gostcrypt project is no longer public and is restricted to a limited number of users and contributors.

The official project website was closed on March 22nd, 2023. The Gostcrypt project, since version 3.0 has become a private R&D project for a restricted community. Gostcrypt version 2.0 was a transitional version (rewriting of the GUI in Qt from scratch, addition of new cryptographic standards in mutatinbg mode) and was never made public.

The whole archive up to version 1.3 is available here

We have received a great deal of feedback on this project, much of it constructive and we thank all contributors.

The latest version of Windows 10 does not allow to install Gostcrypt version 1.3 despite a valid certificate, due to changes in Microsoft’s security policy. Microsoft’s policy for obtaining digital certificates to sign Windows binaries, besides being expensive beyond reason, has become too complicated. We have therefore given up developing for Windows.

At last, the conclusion is that the Windows environment is not a trusted enough environment to develop a tool like Gostcrypt and more generally any encryption tool. It is like building a house on ground that you do not own, that you cannot explore and that you can always suspect to be undermined.