A number of authors who have submitted to the EICAR conference have recently contacted because the relevant conference website still mention me as the Scientific Director of EICAR and as the EICAR conference Program Chair. The issue is that they absolutely go no notification regarding their paper. I am sorry for that situation but I am no longer the Scientific Director nor the EICAR Conference Chair since the end of 2013. I have officially announced that in October 2013.

I have held these two positions on a strict voluntary basis. This was a great experience which have provided a lot of intellectual satisfaction. I tried to increase the scientific level of the EICAR conference and had the occasion to meet nice people, authors and attendees. After six years I decided to stop because first I think that no one should occupy the same positions too longer in order to remain efficient and second I was disagreeing with the lack of real and total independence with respect to the Antivirus vendors community. Moreover, being myself in charge of developping the sovereign antimalware products for France (called DAVFI and commercially available under the brand Uhuru), staying with EICAR would have been a contradiction with my own principles.

So I am very sorry for the authors who have been misled by seeing my name as the EICAR Program Chair. I am no longer involved in this conference. For any claims, please contact this address

Have a nice week end